Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My babies are growing up!!!!

My twinadoes had their first day away from mommy yesterday. Like Aidan's first day of Kindergarten, it was bittersweet.

In our town, we've got a sort of drop-in preschool type deal that we've got a membership to. Yesterday I decided to utilize it for the first time. After dropping off Aidan at school, I made sure they had room for the dynamic duo, and then hauled them on over. Once we were in the door, they immediately took off to play. I signed them in, handed over their stuff, and left to go enjoy some quality 'me' time.

2.5 hours later, I went to pick them up. I was assured that Norah cried a little when she realized I left and she went to hide in a tunnel. They sent Elliott over to hug her, and not 30 seconds later, the two of them were giggling and happy as larks!! When they saw me, I asked if they had fun, and Norah emphatically said, "YES, Mommy!" :)

That was their first time away from me, out of the house. They've been in kid care at the gym, but I am there. They've had babysitters, but they're at our house. So this was a big step for my little babies. One step closer to preschool. Its just so surreal, because it honestly seems like just yesterday they were these teeny tiny little things that were so fragile. And now, well, they are not. They're healthy, vivacious, typical little toddlers who are about to turn 3 next month!!!!!!

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